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Parents have it drilled into their heads at every turn: the AAP suggests no more than 1 hour of screen time per day for kids between the ages of 2 and 5.

Parents also know that's nearly impossible in a world filled with screens--televisions, computers, iPads, toddler's not as though we can put blinders on our kids and force them to stare at grass, trees, and the sky all day. If you're currently doing this with your children, you should probably stop. They're going to resent you for that and the photos have to be atrocious.

If you don't have a TV in your home, or have parental blocks on all your channels...this isn't a page meant for you. But if you're like me--a parent (stay-at-home or working, it doesn't matter) who recognizes that a certain amount of ST is a good thing that has the potential to engage your child and encourage learning in new ways...this is a list of the shows I've found to be beneficial for my own daughter. 

A disclaimer: I don't have a degree in early childhood education. I'm operating on my experiences with 15+ years working with young people, my experience with several courses in developmental psychology and elementary education, and my experiences as a parent. I'm also raising a strong, independent young woman and my assessment of a show takes that into account. We generally reject "Precious Princess" culture.

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