Nurse On, Mamas.

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It's World Breastfeeding Week and this photo sums things up for me well: a sweet, peaceful moment where Jay plays with the buttons on my nightshirt after nursing all. night. long. Again.

It's hard to feed another human being. You have to stay hydrated and well-fed and if they have food have to eat the way they'd eat. It takes some planning and lots of patience, a healthy dose of humility for the first time they pull your top down in public, and so much judgment about everything from the way you cover (or don't cover) yourself to whether you're drinking alcohol (if you're good to drive a car, you're good to feed your baby). It HURTS at the beginning. It will go away, but it's hard to push through, especially when your doctor handed you formula before your baby was even born, and now those little bottles are taunting you with their pain-free option, just ready for the taking.

But then one day it clicks and you realize that however long you choose to keep nursing your baby--another day, month, or year--is a chance at forging a bond no one else will ever get to have with this baby you made from scratch. It's not perfect, you you can find perfect moments in each time you feed her, each time you take her to the doctor and learn that your body has made her gain pounds and grow inches, each time you pick her up and she stop crying because she knows that you can make her feel better.

I've spent over three years of my life growing babies on the inside or nursing them on the outside. It's a challenge and if you ask me, I make no secret of that fact. It's not for everyone for any number of reasons. But if you're ever struggling, friend who is reading this, know that you can reach out to me because I've probably struggled with the same issue, too. World Breastfeeding Week isn't about nursing moms patting themselves on the back or about shaming anyone. It's about kickstarting a community of mothers who can support one another as they go through this season of life. If you need a friend to talk to during a cluster feed, or just to know that someone is awake at 3am, too, I'm your girl. Nurse on, Mamas.


Lindsay Sweeting was in the world of Marketing and Publicity in her previous life. These days you're more likely to see her running after her toddler than running a meeting, but she does her best to find time to create new recipes, come up with fun activities for her daughter, and write about the craziness that is life in the Sweeting house.

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