Creating a Nautical Nursery

Our sweet girl will be here any day now (seriously, little one, feel free to join us), and I FINALLY feel like we’re ready for her. The carseat is installed, the hospital bags are in the car, the house is clean, we’ve placed all the baby “stuff” around the house so the dog can get used to it all, the bottles are sterilized…and the nursery is complete. Check, check, and check. Thank goodness.
The nursery was, by far, the biggest undertaking. It’s also been the most fun part of this process (because goodness knows I love a good excuse to create a new Pinterest board and head to Homegoods). I knew from the outset of my pregnancy that I wanted a nautical theme for the nursery, no matter the baby’s gender. I made some basic decisions but put most purchases on hold until our 18-week ultrasound. I was so excited—my baby sister came to town and we were all set for some serious retail therapy…except that she was very, very uncooperative, so we had to wait until 22 weeks to learn the gender. The minute I learned she was a girl, I had my marching orders and got shopping (life is hard). The color scheme was always going to be a palette of grey, navy, hot pink (with some lighter pinks thrown in) and a touch of turquoise. I chose chevron as the pattern of choice, but knew I wanted to break up the use of chevron between multiple colors, so it didn’t get too overwhelming in just one shade.
I purchased pretty much everything for the nursery in a single trip (no joke), but then had to wait, because we found out that we got the house and would be moving. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who buys an article of clothing and puts it on as soon as I get home. Waiting on this nursery has been a big, big challenge and I am SO GLAD that it’s all done (it feels so good)! Now for the big reveals (and a breakdown of where we bought things)…
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The Crib Setup
The Crib: We were very, very blessed to have family purchase the crib/changing table for us off of our registry. It’s the Stork Craft Bradford 4 in 1, which we chose specifically so that the crib will transition as she develops, eventually becoming her actual bed. We wanted to save money in the long term by keeping her in the same bedframe as long as possible. We did a ton of research into cribs and found that this one met all of our specifications and then some, so we felt that it was perfect. 
Two caveats with this crib:
1. I wasn’t at home the day Bobby put it together, but it sounds like an experience I’m glad I missed. Apparently you have to put EVERYTHING together…down to the roller rails for the drawers. He has a degree in mechanical engineering, works on bicycles nearly every day, and just finished doing some solid home renovations…and he said that was one of the toughest parts of the whole reno.  It’s beautiful, though!
2. The changing pad leaves a lot to be desired and the dimensions for that changing table are NOT NORMAL AT ALL. So frustrating! Bobby accidentally threw the changing pad away thinking it was padding in the crib packaging because it was so pathetic and thin. So, I measured out the dimensions and went on a hunt. A FOUR WEEK HUNT. I came up empty-handed (and according to some reviews on Amazon, other people have had issues with this as well), so I headed to Jo-Ann’s, bought 2” thick Airtex foam, and cut it to the exact dimensions of the table. I’ll share how that ends up working!
The Mattress: It is the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Mattress, which we chose because soybean mattresses are less likely to sag, and because the mattress will work with the crib as it transforms into a bed over time. An added bonus I found while making the bed? It is SO lightweight and fits like a glove into this crib.
The Bedding: I am absolutely terrified of SIDS, so a “traditional” crib bedding set was out for me. Instead, we registered for a few different fitted sheets, but this hot pink fitted sheet is my absolute favorite. It’s the American Baby Company Jersey Knit sheet in fuschia, which I chose because jersey is fliippin’ soft and that’s what a baby needs next to their sensitive skin.
The Crib Skirt: I made the crib skirt myself with a grey chevron print fabric I bought at Jo-Ann’s (the exact material is here), but I have to give credit where credit is due…I never would’ve thought of the idea had I not seen it done on Young House Love years ago. I used a slightly different methodology than they did, but I looove the outcome!
The Changing Pad Cover: For now, it’s this Circo Plus Popcorn cover from Target, but ultimately I’m making one out of that same grey chevron print material I used for the crib skirt (and for another project below). 
The Rocker and Ottoman:
In case you can’t already tell from some shots of the room…I have a thing for wicker. We’ve been hot & heavy for a long time…the proof is in this rocking chair that my grandparents gave to me when I was in high school (no kidding). It travelled with me through college, getting married, and four moves. She’s been good to me so far, so rather than try to improve on something by getting a glider, we stuck with the much better (read: free) option. 
I knew, however, I’d want to put my feet up, so I went on a hunt for an ottoman. The first one I found was a bean bag pouf from Target’s Threshold collection, which Allie commandeered as her own during our big move (since it’s a rare thing for anything resembling a bed to last for her, we let “keep” it and will move it into the nursery after the baby comes so she has a spot that is “hers” in there). image
That meant I was back on the hunt, however. When I saw that grey chevron ottoman at Target, I was in love and it immediately went into my cart (the fact that it was on sale that week was an added “buy me” bonus). 
The Rocker Cushion: The original cushion for the rocker was a Tommy Bahama-esque palm tree print that, while cute, did not work in the nursery at ALL. So, I thanked my lucky stars that I’d thought ahead and bought more of the grey chevron print fabric and re-covered the cushion myself to save some extra money.
Other Decor
The Captain’s Wheel:image
Possibly my favorite part of the whole room, this was a $25 find at Marshall’s. I wish I could give more info, but sadly we all know that to get something from Marshall’s/TJMaxx/Homegoods…you have to be in the store at the exact moment the item is for sale or there’s a decent chance you’ll never find it again. I was going to sand and re-paint it in the same fuschia color as the sheet and banner…but decided I couldn’t say goodbye to the antique look, so I left the lighter pink.
The Little Library/Treasure Chest:
I swear this library grows a bit more every time I go to any store that sells books. As a result, it’s rapidly outgrowing its current home, but it will stay where it is until I have Bobby put in some built-in shelving to hold them all. I painted the little lighthouses—they were unfinished wood birdhouses from Michael’s which aren’t available online (approx. $3 each)—myself. The chest was a sweet gift from my baby shower and I have NO idea where it’s from (if I had to guess, my money would be on Homegoods) or what it cost, but it holds all of the items that we’ve been generously gifted that our little one won’t quite need just yet (think sippy cups and spoons, shoes, etc.). We wanted it all in one place so we wouldn’t lose it when the time comes that we’ll need it, and this fits the bill to a T!
The Oar Wall:
The idea for this wall evolved over the course of that single fateful shopping trip, as I picked up more oars at each stop on my journey. The first I found was the all blue oar, which was placed right next to the captain’s wheel at Marshall’s. It, too, was a $20 find. I then found the next two oars (both white) at Homegoods about 45 minutes later (each was $15). The final oar was a gift at a baby shower, and the clothespins each held an adorable nautical themed onesie (I have the greatest family ever). Both the framed shadow boxes were also decor/gifts from the shower. The initials are from Michael’s Artminds Wood Letters, which I painted.
The “Catchall” Drawers:
I am a firm believer that a “catchall” spot where random things can have a home is the key to staying sane (and keeping a clean house). This wicker drawer set is that spot for me in the nursery. My parents gave me this little drawer set when I was still in high school…over 10 years later, it’s still in use. Mom filled me in on her secret, which is that it’s from World Market, and go figure…they still sell it! As for the decor on top…
The sign is from Altar’d State, and they don’t seem to have it on their website anymore, but they might still have it in a store near you!
The Sophie the Giraffe was a gift from my fellow new-Mom and cousin, who said it was the best gift they were given when their daughter was born.
The sailboat was another piece of baby shower decor/gift that we received (no clue where it’s from), and finally the lighthouse was another Michael’s find (approx. $4).
Random Things
The Rug in Front of the Crib:
It’s a simple jute rug from World Market.
The Chalkboard:
Bobby and I will probably end up writing silly messages to each other on this thing, but it was too precious to pass up. Also from World Market (see a trend, here?).
Finally…my favorite part of this whole room.
The Mini-Armchair:
I cannot get enough of this little thing. It was a Homegoods find that I saw, held off on buying for a full month (I figured if it was still there, it was meant to be), and returned to find…waiting patiently for me. Yes, I spent wayyy too much on it (this was probably my biggest splurge, at $69), but I have a plan for it, so I consider it to be worth the money in the long run.
The Hamper: It was a gift, and I have no idea where it’s from, but you can find similar versions here from Target.
A Few Other Things:
Paint Color: Valspar Stone Mason from Lowe’s
The Ceiling Fan: Hunter Winslow in New Bronze, purchased at Lowe’s. We have them in every bedroom in the house and love the look, as well as the quality.
The Flooring: allen + roth smooth laminate flooring in cafe maple, purchased at Lowe’s. We put this throughout the whole house during the renovation and absolutely LOVE it. It’s easy to clean, sturdy, and looks gorgeous. 
Sorry for the longest post ever, but this is EVERYTHING in the nursery!


Lindsay Sweeting was in the world of Marketing and Publicity in her previous life. These days you're more likely to see her running after her toddler than running a meeting, but she does her best to find time to create new recipes, come up with fun activities for her daughter, and write about the craziness that is life in the Sweeting house.

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